Notices of deaths received before November 2018 have now been published in OCA Magazines and Newsletters. Notices since then are posted below, with as much information as is known to us. We hope that the information is accurate but rely on those who inform us and, for practical reasons, we cannot always check. Please advise us of any inaccuracies or additions here.

We regret to announce the deaths of the following members and other former pupils and staff, which have come to our knowledge:

Tom ALCROFT (Staff 1957-87) died 14 March 2019 aged 83. Tom taught Physics at the school for 30 years from 1957-87 and was very highly regarded. We included a full tribute to him in the 2020 OCA MAGAZINE.


Peter AMODIO (1966-71) died in May 2021.


The Reverend Michael J ARCHER (1949-54) died in April 2021.


Trevor BANEY (1947- 55)  died in April 2020. Trevor's schoolmate Bryan Hyde writes: Trevor arrived to Selhurst in 1947 joining 1P and Beta. He immediately made an impression with his Canadian accent and impeccable manners and was well liked by school friends and staff ending as a respected Senior Prefect. On leaving school, Trevor went to Nottingham Agricultural College where he met his first wife Maud, the lecturer in cheese making. Whilst at school, Trevor had been a keen member of Air Training Corps and continued the interest at Nottingham. It was no surprise when called for National Service that he went into the R.A.F. as a pilot but on a long term basis. Trevor was in Transport Command, based initially at Colerne and Lyneham. He then had a posting to Akrotiri in Cyprus. Whilst there it was possible to live off base in a villlage setting enjoying local Greek social life. Finally he was based at Brize Norton as a Flight Lieutenant. Meanwhile the family had moved to a croft at Dalmally in Argyll run jointly by Trevor and Maud. When Trevor left the R.A.F. he was busy on the smallholding, working for the N.F.U. and acting as a ambulance driver keeping the ambulance on site. He was involved in the community and treasurer of the local church where he met his second wife,Helen. Subsequent to the loss of Helen, Trevor had the comfort of Jenni, a South African over here and with whom he spent some time in winter in South Africa. They married and eventually Jenni was his carer. Trevor is survived by two daughters, Diedre Fine Arts trained and farmer in Donegal and Shona a Children's Nurse.


Helen BARLOW née COOK (1957-64) died on 08 August 2021


Dr Reginald BEASLEY (1938-44) died in February 2020


Michael BEDFORD (1957-60) died on 12 November 2020 


Oliver 'Dick' BISSETT (1938-43)


John Ashley BLUNT (1941-46) died on 15 December 2020


William G H BOULTON (1938-43) died in November 2020


John BREMER (1938-42) died 30 November 2015 in Ludlow, Vermont, USA. There is an article about him on page 69 of the 2019 magazine, which paid-up members can access here


Dr Michael BURGESS (1947-55) died on 27 August 2020.


Cecilia BUTCHER née ROCKLIFFE (?1937-?1943), born 19 February 1925, died 2015.  Cecilia was evacuated to Hove/Guildford during WWII.  In 1943 she joined the Land Army in nearby Rudgwick.  At the end of the war she married there and was the postmistress for 53 years, receiving the BEM for community service. You can see a photo of Cecilia at SGSG here, marked with a red dot. The girl next to her, at the end of the row, is Eileen Rowland who became a lifelong friend. 

Robert W. CAVENDER (1962-1969) died on 17 August 2020

Eunice Catherine CLEMENT, née HORSEY (1939-47) died 01 May 2020


Robert 'Bob' COLLYMORE (1974-76) There is a piece about Bob in the 2020 Magazine which paid-up members will have received and which will be added to this website in mid-2021.


Joyce CORK (1945-50) died on 26 March 2022


Stuart J COX (1935-40)


John CREASE (1936-43) died of Covid on 08 January 2021. A full tribute to John by his daughter, Rachel, will appear in the 2022 Old Croydonian magazine. John, who was 94 when he passed away, attended Selhurst between 1936 and 1943, some of those years spent evacuated to the West Country. At the age of 17, he went to King’s College to study dentistry where he met his future wife, Heather. They married in 1949 and both joined the family dental practice in Tenterden, Kent where they spent their entire professional lives running this highly respected practice. John contributed much to the profession with his progressive and ethical practice and by serving on committees at a local and national level. 


Michael CRISP (1959-66) died on 10 February 2019


Derek CROKER (1940-45)


Paul DAHLHOFF CBE FRICS  (1938-43) died on 28 February 2021


Trevor EASTON (1958-65) died on 04 April 2016 in Canada, where he moved in 1975


John ELKIN (1942-47) died in December 2021


Mollie ELKIN née CROSS (1942-50) died in December 2021


David ENDACOTT (1942-46) died on 10 May 2018. David, born in 1930, spent the early war years in Okehampton (Devon) as an evacuee, with his mother and sister, staying with his aunt.


Doug EVELEIGH (1945-1953) died on 30 December 2019.  Born 06 December 1933, Doug Eveleigh was an adacemic at Rutgers University in New Jersey for 45 years. You can read his obituary here.  John FLETCHER ( also1945-53) writes: The late Phil White, Doug and myself all played Rugby at school. We were all victims of the transition from  the Higher Schools Certificate to GCE 'A' level in 1952, which saw very few people getting enough passes to go on to university, so we were all senior prefects together in a swollen 6th Form from 1952 to 1953, Phil as school rugby captain and head boy. Together we three then went to the University College of the South West (which became Exeter University in 1955), after which we all went our separate ways, Doug moving to Canada in 1959 and then to the USA in 1961. We all caught up again in later life and visited each other's homes. Doug continued working part time and travelling for his many professional interests into his early 80s. As you will see from his obituary he really was a larger than life character. He will be sorely missed. It is a sad feeling to be the last survivor of our trio.


Bob FITSAL (1941-47) died 01January 2019 aged 88.  Bob was a regular attender at our Annual Reunions. His old friend Fred ALLEN notes that Bob was a member of the O.C. Rugby Club and served as Team Secretary for a number of years .He was greatly interested in old cars and was a member of a car club. He worked for the British Oxygen Company all his working life.


John FLETCHER (1945-53) died on 20 August 2021.


Rosemary Joan FUGE née WALLIS (1936-41) died on 05 November 2019


Robert GOLDSMITH (1948-53) died suddenly on 19 July 2019. Robert was a regular attender at our gatherings, with his wife Gillian and daughter Karen. You can see a published obituary for Robert here.


Tony HANSCOMB (pupil 1943-50 and staff 1958-72)  born 1931 – died 1996.


Brian HARMAN (1945-49) died in early 2022


Barry HINTON (1967-73) passed away suddenly on 27th August 2019 aged 63. There is a piece about Barry in the 2020 Magazine which paid-up members can access here.


Richard Peter Spence 'Dick' JEFFERIES (?1943-52?) died in August 2020. The Guardian printed an obituary which you can read here.

Mrs Shirley JONES, née Key (1945-47)


Janice KAY née WILLETT (1943-49) died in November 2018. 


Clive KING (1962-69) died on 20 September 2019. There is a piece about Clive in the 2020 Magazine which paid-up members can access here.


Harold Lawson KING (1957-65) died on Wednesday 21st August 2019 after a short battle with lung cancer.  Harry loved sport - especially representing the school at rugby, cricket and athletics - and in later life he had a passion for golf. He was also a lifelong Crystal Palace fan and could frequently be heard giving advice (and his opinion) to the players, manager and referee - he will be sorely missed!

Derek John LANGLEY (1942-46?) died on 06 May 2007 in Newbury. He was born in Ipswich in 1930 and attended Selhurst in the early 1940s. There is a piece about Derek in the 2020 Magazine which paid-up members can access here

Lorraine LANGRIDGE née  Day  (1962-65)


Sidney LAVENDER 1940-44 died 10th January 2014


Peter LOCKLEY (1942-46) died in August 2019. There is a piece about Peter in the 2020 Magazine which paid-up members can access here

Alan LONG (1947-54) died in March 2022 

Ann Margaret MACDONALD née FULLER (1954-60) died on 22 November 2020


Alasdair MANSFIELD (1960-67)


Neil MARSHALL (1960-63) died on 02 March 2021 


Alec NEW (1941-46) died on 21 November 2018.


Belinda PETTY née DYER  died on 03 July 2020 Editor's Note: Belinda was only briefly at Selhurst and was not an OCA member but she had a most interesting life, which you can read about here.


Sue RAMSDALE (née Baines) (1955-60) died on 22nd May 2019 after suffering from Motor Neurone Disease. There is a piece about Sue in the 2020 Magazine which paid-up members can access here

Derek REEDS (1951-56) died in 2021

Robert RIDER  (1963-70) died in mid-2021

Brian ROOTE (1944-49) died in May 2020

Joyce Mary RUFFLER (aka RAIMENT) née HOLLADAY (1942-47) died on 02 November 2017

Peter Eric SKINNER (1948-55) died early October 2020, aged 84. He was a past CO of 714 Squadron (Selhurst Grammar School) Air Training Corps.

Reg A SKINNER (1936-40) died on 9th October 2020

The Reverend Kenneth (Ken) Victor George SMITH (Staff, 1973-78) died in 2019

Brian E. SMITH (1948-53) died in January 2021

Peter A SMITH (1960-?)

Paul Wenning SOWAN (1956-59) died on 4th June 2021 at the age of 81.

The Reverend Frederick William STEPHENI TD (1939-45) died in 2017

Louis Alwyn Frank STOCKLEY (1937-44) died on 29 September 2019. There is more about him on page 66 of the 2019 magazine, which paid-up members can access here.

Robert THOMSITT 1957-59 died on 23 January 2018

Ian TIMMS (Staff 1960s-70s)  died 09 December 2011 aged 83.

Heather VICKERY née STOCKLEY (1940-47) died 15 January 2018, aged 89

Derek Harold James WALLER (1937-?1941) died on 08 July 2019.  Born 18 May 1926, he commenced sea service with the Royal Navy on his 18th birthday as a volunteer and was demobbed in 1947 after serving in the Pacific Fleet.  He then worked in the furniture trade as a sales representative.  He lived in Carshalton Beeches until his wife (see below) passed away, when he moved to Devon to be near family.

Pamela Ivy WALLER née CROFTS (1938-?) died on 15 August 2006.

Patricia WEBB (nee Hedges) (1944-1950)
The Reverend Eric Clements WHEBLE (1934-39) died in Portsmouth on 7 January 2014, aged 90.

John WILKINS (1951-58)

Douglas WOOD  (1954-59) died in October 2021.